vijay, Author at Craw Security
29 Jul 2022
Network penetration testing a complete guide overview
Network Penetration Testing – A Complete Guide Overview

In today’s world, everybody is constructing one’s own technology-optimized world where every particular person, group, and company is empowering one’s online presence in an endeavor to harvest several advantages.  Further, in recent years, it has become a trend to compromise the database of every major and minor company’s sensitive pieces of information.  In addition to...

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16 Jul 2022
Source Code Review
What is Source Code Review and its Process?

Defining a Source Code Review In today’s world, application code vulnerabilities are basically moneymaking cyber security prey in the digital world.  Hence, what drives this susceptibility?  Clearly, the scarcity of safety compliance in the early project expansion life cycle is the core reason for the safety crunch.  Here comes the role of the Source Code...

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