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How IoT Security Testing Could Enable Business Success?

In this technology-ridden era, IoT is the latest concept that is slowly taking over the market and becoming one of the most booming concepts in the modern world.  In addition, the Internet of Things (IoT) is literally grabbing momentum and is evolving rapidly into a reality day by day.  To a broad-ranging extent, IoT has immensely developed itself to stay, and the modern market is pretty ready to leverage it for the best results in the official and personal usage of mankind.

In this regard, we need to have proper IoT Security Testing procedures in the presence of world-class penetration testing professionals so that we can save the crucial and highly confidential datasets that possess our clients’ sensitive information, which cannot afford to fall into the wrong hands.

Here, in this blog post, we have given every short and crisp detail related to this machine-to-machine communication, parameter development, and the cooperation of several technologies.  As a result, all these characteristics can be accounted for by their excessive recognition.

What is IoT Testing?

IoT testing can be expressed as a series of scanning tests run under the supervision of a penetration tester to check any vulnerabilities as threats or loopholes that malfunction IoT devices when they are found by a malicious threat actor and duly exploited by one.  By implementing the best IoT Security Testing exercises, a practicing penetration tester can check out IoT devices’ functionality, security, and performance.

It is highly valuable to confirm that corresponding target IoT devices can transfer confidential information wirelessly before going to market because each IoT device shares data over the internet.  With this scenario, numerous IoT-based businesses duly rely on IoT automation, penetration, and execution testing tools to determine defects or loopholes before attaining consumers.

In short, we can conclude that IoT Security Testing targets to confirm that corresponding IoT devices with an IT infrastructure comply with specialized needs and work as expected.

How does IoT work?

In general terms, an IoT ecosystem comprises internet-enabled smart gadgets that genuinely use embedded equipment, like processors, sensors, and communication hardware, in order to gather, transmit, and work on datasets, they get from their IT ecosystems.  In addition, IoT devices receive and send the sensor info they gather by linking to an IoT gateway or any other cutting-edge device where data is usually sent to the cloud for analysis or locally analyzed.

Occasionally, these so-called gadgets communicate with other corresponding devices and function on the data they capture from one another to operate as one unique source of an event.  Ahead, the IoT devices do most work without human intrusion, though people can communicate with the IoT devices — for example, to fix them up, provide necessary instructions to them, or access the info sets.

Application Penetration Testing Service In Singapore

The Objective of IoT Pen Testing Assessment

There are numerous Objectives of IoT Pen Testing Assessment that are taken care of by many world-class pentesting professionals of Craw Security, offering the Best Penetration Testing Services in Singapore:

  • Safeguarding IoT networks against the latest cyber threats.
  • Offering appropriate resolutions to confirm the security, safety, and persistence of vital energy mechanisms crucial to our day-to-day lives.
  • Extraordinary techniques and facilities to secure, track down and control cyber threats exploiting interconnected systems.
  • Our prime objective is to alter this new world to deal with out bursting cyber threats, drifting groundbreaking technological remedies and functionalities.
  • Securing prime water distribution, sanitation, and desalting operation systems, proposing security throughout the overall life cycle.
  • Real-time surveillance and network traffic control, tracking and controlling cyber security & safety incidents.

Approach & Methodology


This is the first phase, where a structural, as well as functional ecosystem, is curated and confirmed with the assistance of documented or oral conversation and scoping questionnaires explaining the following aspects:

  • Lawmaking/ compliance duties associated with pentesting exercises.
  • Administrative cybersecurity-necessities.
  • Assuring which particular organizational assets are to be tested and which are exempted.
  • Authorized types of attacks
  • Testing period and time zones
  • Sets methodologies of communication

Attack Surface Mapping

A thorough architecture figure of the IoT infrastructure is made, duly highlighting all the potential entries as well as endpoints a malicious threat actor can utilize to hijack the datasets.  In addition, active and passive OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) tactics are utilized in amalgamation with unbiased observance movements to gather as much info as possible related to the aims to be tested.  In this league, it can be understood that the more information collected, the more attack vectors can be formulated.

Binary & Firmware Analysis

In the first view, the firmware capturing inside the IoT devices, as better as any counterpart/ beneficial software, is reverse-engineered to find out any possible crucial set of info sets.  In addition, you genuinely require to transfer the devices to our experienced penetration testers for the said timeslot to execute:

  • Application binaries de-compilation
  • Firmware binaries reverse engineering
  • Encryption & obfuscation techniques reviewing
  • Used 3rd party libraries reviewing

Hardware & Software Exploitation

The chief exploitation procedures target to take control of the IoT device(s) and carry out a PoC-handling of the services the IoT network delivers.  Moreover, these procedures comprise the following:

  • Evaluating hardware communication/interconnection parameters
  • Tampering security standards
  • Fuzzing & side-Channel attacks
  • Assessment & exploitation of wireless protocols
  • Attacking specialized parameter vulnerabilities
  • Web Application & API (hosted or cloud) vulnerability exploitation (incl. OWASP Top10)
  • Desktop & Mobile application vulnerability exploitation


In this league of IoT Security Testing, documenting Reports is the most crucial and vital step, as this will undoubtedly provide many useful insights related to the security posture of the target enterprise, along with the corresponding restoration recommendation for every tracked risk.  Craw Security, the best penetration testing provider in Singapore, makes our reports on the below-mentioned components:

  • Executive outline for the management board, C-level executives
  • Intellect report for mid-level roles
  • Precise Technical report about the discoveries
  • Prioritized risk-based reporting
  • Identifiability steps for every discovery
  • Protection readiness badge
  • Remediation recommendations

What do we test during IoT Security Testing?

Craw Security has a fully-fledged working team that checks all the required parameters comprised in the IoT Security Testing.  In addition, we offer our highly potential techniques to track down every single shortcoming that can significantly provide a backdoor entry to the malicious threat actors preying their illicit eyes to gain some monetary benefits by obtaining some crucial and sensitive datasets like banking details and other corresponding confidential datasets of clients or personal employees of an organization.

Moreover, our highly trained team of nicely working professionals check the following aspects as the main points to verify:

  • Weak, Guessable, or Hardcoded Passwords.
  • Insecure Network Services and Protocols
  • Insecure Access Interfaces
  • Lack of Secure Update Mechanism
  • Insufficient Privacy Protection
  • Lack of Physical Hardening
  • Insecure Data Transfer and Storage
  • Insufficient Security Configurability

Key IoT Test Challenges Faced by Organizations

Controlling a wide variety of intricate parameters, interfaces, software, hardware, sensors, and standards from all over the planet can be intimidating for an organization related to interlinked platform products and that are IoT devices.  In addition, many enterprises usually feel like they are sinking into a sea of distinguished domains like hardware, firmware, web, mobile, and cloud that generally become a dead-end in achieving their casual organizational goals.

Typical challenges in IoT Security Testing encountered by numerous businesses are mentioned below:

Increase in Adoption Enhanced adoption and diffusion of IoT&IoT-based devices across several organizations and segments.
A rise in the adoption of Cloud-enabled resolutions in many industries and sectors.
Increase in Security and Privacy Concerns Raising issues regarding the security of devices and data privacy in the connected device world.
Enhancing the number of cyber-attacks and targeted attacks on IoT devices and solutions.
Inadequate Security Measures Absence of inherent security and privacy techniques embedded in IoT devices and services.
Scarcity of information on trustworthy Industry standards and regulations involved in IoT device security compliance.
Insufficient Expertise Absence of information on protocols and interfaces utilized in IoT devices and products.
Shortage of professionals with powerful expertise in IoT security and secure embedded design principles.

Realize the Benefits of IoT Security Testing

Whether there are pretty complex IoT product configurations, the IoT Security Testing (IST) by Craw Security high-profile penetration testing professionals is pretty much beneficial for several IoT devices throughout an organization.  Moreover, Craw Security, the Best VAPT Services Provider in Singapore, will offer the following Benefits of IoT Security Testing for clients who wish to run a full scan of their IoT devices in the expert presence of our world-class pentesting professionals:

  • Integrated view of the existing security stance of a product.
  • Understanding of vulnerabilities in the IoT product environment.
  • Expert guidance throughout IoT product/service lifespan.
  • Specialized IoT security developers.
  • Heightened customer faith and comparative edge.

How IoT Software Development could enable Business Success?

There are many world-class advantages that can be taken into account that can benefit an organization with the right IoT Software Development, such as the following:

  • Entrusting smart device applications.
  • Improve customer service and customer holding.
  • Pushing digital channelization of an enterprise.
  • Enhanced inventory management.
  • Efficient marketing procedures.
  • Assist omnichannel services.

Why choose the IoT Security checked solutions from Craw Security?

As Craw Security has lived up to its promises of delivering international-standard IoT Security Testing to all the organizations of almost every niche with many primetime benefits of IoT Security Reviews, many organizations have opted for Craw Security’s remarkable IoT Security Testing services.

In this regard, many proactive facilities are offered to current and prospective organizations, such as the following:

  • Proper interaction between the working team of penetration testers and the managing officials.
  • Experienced professionals in the working team with a minimum of 7+ years of experience.
  • High-paid cyber security tools to deliver a world-class experience in productivity.
  • Pocket-friendly rates of varied penetration testing packages.
  • Many additional benefits will be offered to the clientele that one would experience at the time of service delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

How IoT Security Testing Could Enable Business Success?

1: What is IoT Singapore?

This facility can be expressed as offering the international-standard IoT Security Testing service in Singapore under the highly trained supervision of world-class penetration testing professionals, having experienced numerous years in successfully tracking down IoT vulnerabilities and other IT infrastructures.

2: Which server is best for IoT?

There are many best servers that offer international-level IoT services.  However, the top 10 best IoT servers are mentioned below:

  • Amazon Web Services IoT Platform
  • Microsoft Azure IoT Hub
  • IBM Watson IoT Cloud Platform
  • Google IoT Cloud Platform
  • Oracle IoT
  • Salesforce IoT
  • Bosch
  • Cisco IoT Cloud Connect
  • General Electrics Predix
  • SAP, etc.

3: What are the major IoT platform as a service provider?

The major IoT platform as a service providers are mentioned below:

  • IBM Watson IoT Platform
  • Microsoft Azure IoT Hub
  • Google Cloud IoT
  • Oracle Integrated Cloud for IoT, etc.

4: What is IoT stand for?

The acronym IoT stands for Internet of Things.

5: What are the IoT services?

Basically, IoT or Internet of Things services depicts a series of end-to-end services in which enterprises agree with outer providers to design, establish, install and operate IoT solutions, comprising advisory consulting for IoT planning.

6: What are the 4 types of IoT?

The 4 types of IoT services are as follows:

  • Local and Personal Area Networks (LAN/PAN)
  • Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN)
  • Cellular
  • Mesh Networks

7: What are the 3 types of IoT?

The 3 types of IoT functions are as follows:

  • Short Form (immediate needs),
  • Medium Form (future needs), and
  • Long Form (system maintenance)

8: What is IoT platform example?

The examples of IoT connectivity platforms comprise the following:

  • Curiosity by Sprint,
  • Jasper by Cisco,
  • IoT Accelerator by Ericsson,
  • Pelion by ARM, etc.

Wrapping Up

So far, we have elaborated on the main concerning points of IoT Security Testing in this blog post, and we expect that you have enjoyed this piece of information we shared with you.  Moreover, if a person is sincerely interested in taking primetime IoT Security Testing Services from the best penetration testing services in Singapore, like Craw Security, the same could contact us at the earliest opportunity at +65-98664040.

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