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Why Paraben Forensics

Paraben Forensics has been a base in providing forensic-legal services software solutions for mobile devices, smartphone devices, computers, gaming consoles, email, cloud forensics, etc. Paraben has been innovating its technology to the latest trends to confirm the hold on Forensics of Everything (FoE). Paraben has put all its time and resources for many years trying to developing its technological software with unique approaches to digital evidence that output genuine and authentic data intelligence that is court-admissible. At Craw Cyber Security, we provide our clients with a genuine study module tailored to their usefulness as we are the prime FTK Reseller in Delhi. We offer a detailed curriculum with a training and certification program in which you can easily learn the software duly offered by Paraben Forensics.


E3 stands for Electronic Evidence Examiner which is the premium software duly developed under the Paraben Forensics trademark with all its vitality and utilities. E3: Universal or E3:U is a proven software providing digital evidence with the capability to operate any sort of digital data whether it has been decoded into multiple layers of protection. E3:U is a universal solution to any sort of data recovery from any device such as file system, hard drives, USBs, smartphones, mobile devices, IoT data, etc. This technology can be useful for any size lab with a unified interface to control the process with a single direction chain for more cost-efficiency and convenience.

Paraben Forensics

Paraben Forensics, founded in the year 2001, is a digital forensic science organization delivering its premium class forensic investigation software to varied organizations such as law enforcement agencies, government bodies, military services, legal authorities, corporate and private forensic labs, and many more. Paraben has always been the first choice of investigators from every niche to establish a good connection between the recovered data and a concrete level of evidence.


E3:DS is an outstanding example of digital forensic software which can be utilized by a lab of any size and capacity to run from a single viewpoint of case investigation. E3:DS is the best-in-class comprehensive approach to mobile forensics with a single tool that cannot be beaten. It is highly dedicated and capable of App data parsing, logical and physical imaging, password bypass, data carving, and unique content analysis with malware detection, etc.

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Powered by Paraben Forensics digital forensic technology, E3:P2C is a highly recommended computer forensic tool that assists any group of digital data resources that consist of network email archives, internet data, file systems, local email archives, etc. E3:P2C comes with a standard inbuilt tirage function to view core pieces of possible evidence before going to any next level of your investigation in a cost-efficient and convenient mode. E3:P2C offers all lab capacities a complete solution for their digital computer data processing requirements.


The E3:EMX duly powered by Paraben Forensics’s trademark and technology has been working in the market since 2002 with a pace of convenience and 100% client satisfaction. It usually offers comprehensive email archive support at a very pocket-friendly rate in comparison to the other competitive tools in the market. E3:EMX permits you to scrutinize message headers, bodies, and attachments with the facility to recover the emails that a person has deleted from the trash or deleted folder itself to provide concrete proof that is court-admissible.

E3:EMX is a highly-recommended user-friendly email examination software that costs you almost nothing if you compare this with the other competitive ones in the forensic data recovery tools industry. It supports almost all sorts of major email types that are kept on local computers for analysis, reporting, and exporting/conversion. Contact Us

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Paraben’s E3:NEMX has been a widely recognized and utilized software since 2002 for analyzing network email archives filtering through tons of email messages and providing reports in the form of PST files for the reviewing process by the clientele and counsel. It has become a general assignment for forensic examiners, eDiscovery experts, and IT security personnel around the planet. It is a very user-friendly and convenient software that churns hundreds of GBs of email with a single go within the shortest time possible to any of the groupware products such as Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, or Novell GroupWise, etc


Powered under the technology of Paraben Forensics, E3’s Internet and Chat Examiner is the latest tech software that can help the investigators with some of the simple examinations of database connected with the internet history and quick chatting or messaging. This needful process can easily be performed with the help of an outer forensic workstation or can be installed directly into the system that you want to explore to gather the required information within the minimum time possible. This E3:ICE can easily perform its valuable functions to the famous browsers in the world such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome, etc. It also gives its prime solutions to the main messaging archives in the market such as Yahoo, ICQ, Skype, Hello, MSN, Miranda, Trillian, and Live Messenger, etc.

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