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Application Penetration Testing Service in Singapore

Application Penetration Testing Service in Singapore

Organizations globally have been offering most of their services via Applications. Applications take care of everything that the owner of a business is supposed to. To maintain the security of Applications, the backend team works so hard.

But even if you don’t see any errors in the initial phase of the development of the application, some of the errors/ issues are left unseen behind. Those issues can cause more trouble for businesses to suffer the loss of reputation and data breaches, which is not quite right.

Application Penetration Testing Services can help organizations locate the location of those issues. Several tools are used to protect Applications against such criminal incidents. Application pen-testers first attack the system in testing modes. During that, the flaws get in the spotlight.

After that, pentesters exploit the vulnerabilities. After getting the measurement of how significant the consequences of improper security measures can be, pentesters provide patches for the vulnerabilities to fix them. Before going deep into the topic, we should start with the fundamentals of Penetration Testing. Let’s start.

What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration Testing helps ethical hackers and organizations know the vulnerabilities in the software/ website/ application. It can help you remove/ reduce the errors showing in the operation processing via the official assets of the company responsible for online data collection & safety.

But penetration testing doesn’t stop here. Let’s move to the next step. Application Penetration Testing Service will be the next thing we can cover in this informative content.

Application Penetration Testing Service

Now that you have understood penetration testing, let’s just move on to Application Penetration Testing. The main question should be – why should you get professionals to help you? Well, we all have seen many cyber reports that say – Consumers’ Data Leaked due to a Security Flaw in the Official Application/ Software of the Organization.

The organization had to face difficulty due to the complications in accessing databases, or the files had been stolen. You can see that a few things can cause organizational stress. Application Penetration Testing Services can help organizations to find vulnerabilities in the app that has been left there since the beginning.

After that, prepared patches for the exploited areas will meet before it tags more n more areas. If we talk about professionals, you can rely on Craw Security for the best VAPT Services in Singapore. Penetration Testing can help you find the error-making causes that the company’s clients may suffer from. Now, what kind of checklist you’ll meet with the Application Penetration Testing Service Checklist? Let’s talk about it.

Application Penetration Testing Service Checklist

These are the components targeted when the Application Penetration Testing Service checklist comes into the process. After the confirmation that the components are working in perfect condition, security measures can be adjusted. Ask Craw Security to do the process for you to ensure the safety of your online targeted audience.


S. No. Components S. No. Components
1. Contact form 11. File Scanning
2. Proxy server 12. File Scanning
3. Spam Email Filter 13. XSS
4. Network Firewall 14. Session Hijacking
5. Security Vulnerabilities 15. Brute Force
6. Credential Encryption 16. DoS Attack
7. Cookies 17. Directory Traversal
8. Login Page 18. Open Ports
9. Error Message 19. HTTP Method
10. Usernames & Passwords 20. Access Permissions

Software Application Penetration Testing Service

Well, Software Application Penetration Testing Services can help you to deal with the issues coming from software security flaws. Cybercriminals can exploit those vulnerabilities and make you pay a ransom to get the decryption key needed to access files and databases that have been compromised during the attack.

Sometimes they also put malware in your system, so controlling it isn’t possible. After getting access to your system, they can challenge your wits by sharing your confidential information on a broader network. It may not be as cool as if it was secured enough not to get into adversaries’ hands.

Application Penetration Testing Service Stages

An ethical hacker/ professional VAPT Service Provider will follow the below steps to offer you Application Penetration Testing Services:

  1. Planning and Threat Modeling
  2. Information Gathering and Reconnaissance
  3. Automated Vulnerability Scanning and Testing
  4. Manual Exploitation and Exploit Development
  5. Remediation Guidelines Preparation
  6. Remediation and Verification

These steps can ensure the safety of your application that your organization uses for its corporeal matters and stores data related to business, finance, customers, and owner. Craw Security has offered these services to several industries and yet working on advancing the security measures.

Application Penetration Testing Vulnerabilities

The following loopholes can be exploited easily if an attacker gets the right tool to hit on the right spot at the right time:

  • Injection
  • Broken Authentication
  • Sensitive Data Exposure
  • XML External Entities (XXE)
  • Broken Access Control
  • Security Misconfiguration
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
  • Insecure Deserialization
  • Using Components with Known Rules
  • Insufficient Logging & Monitoring

Frequently Asked Questions

About Application Penetration Testing Service in Singapore

Application Penetration Testing helps organizations to find the errors in the Application which have been there since the initial phase of development. If developers could find out the issue faster, reversing and recovering the damage would be faster too.
Organizations hire professionals to deal with the complications or loopholes left at the initial stages of the development of the app. They use several tools to determine whether the Application is currently having any malware or virus. By making advancements in security measures can the company deal with future complications.
Companies contact penetration testers to provide professional penetration testing serviceswhichare the process in which the pentesters use various tools to exploit the vulnerabilities in the WebApplication to see if the app is secure or not.
First, the vulnerabilities will come upfront, then the ethical hacker will try to exploit them. After exploitation, the flaws will come out. As soon as the flaws get into the spotlight, patches will be delivered to the developers and the issues will be handled.
For the Penetration Services an MNC “Craw Security” is offering the best Application Penetration Testing Services in Singapore. You should ask the expert when you can.
The 3 types of penetration testing are:
Black Box Penetration Testing
Grey Box Penetration Testing
White Box Penetration Testing
To learn about these testing methods, you can get in contact with Craw Security. For better implementation, you should try it out now!
First, the pentester uses Scanning tools to find any vulnerabilities in the website or the potential system. Apart from that, pentester looks for open facilities, app security flaws, and open-source loopholes.
Several tools come in use based on vulnerabilities found during reconnaissance, and pentesting. After that, they get access to the system and try to breach data out of it. This helps in managing and enhancing the security measures of the application.
Want to learn more about Penetration Testing? You can ask Craw Securityfor Application Penetration Testing Servicein Singapore.
Application based on internet access working modules gets in contact with adversaries createdonline malicious links or software to get access to those Applications. After getting access to the application, whoever’s information will be in there, the adversary will snatch it from there and will encrypt the database.
That’s because, after the encryption of the database, the owner of the Application will need to pay for the decryption key to get back access to the database. Best penetration testing services, you can get in with professionals like Craw Securityfor the Application Penetration Testing Service. What are you waiting for? Contact Now!

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