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Best Source Code Review Service in Singapore 2022

Source Code Review Service in Singapore

For today’s generation, websites and applications have become the reason for the faster establishment of companies in the market, which is so budget friendly and beneficial. That’s why entrepreneurs invest a lot of money in these two expensive services online.

But do you think just implementing and deploying them for you will provide you with all the benefits? If you’re running your business via mobile applications or websites, then you should look at the performance of these services too.

Websites and Applications both work on source codes that happen to be customized by the developers to enhance the quality of user experience. But what is source code, and how it helps developers to do better? Let’s continue on that.

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What is a Source Code Review?

Source code security analysis/ Source Code Review helps in examining the app’s source code to look into errors that have been left in the initial development stages of the application. Ethical hacker launches a code analyzer. It will scan the code of an application line-by-line. That’s to know if there are any errors left or not.

After the deployment of the analyzer in a testing environment, it will find vulnerabilities. The ethical hacker will manually observe the loopholes and try to provide some patches to fill up the gaps that could become the reason for easy exploitation from adversaries.

Source Code Review can save your face while confronting your users, that’s because if anywhere you would find some errors, you’ll be able to find the patches sooner.

1. Automated Code Review


This technique helps review software source code for adherence to a set of preconcerted rules.

Analytical methods to recheck and review source code to detect flaws/ security loopholes have been a standard development need. That applies to both Open Source and Commercial Software Domains.

2. Standard Code Review


This code is necessary to maintain Google’s Code base’ code health time-to-time.

In this process, all tools and steps of code review are customized to this end. To do that, a series of trade-offs have to be synchronized.

3. Advanced Code Review


To do advanced code reviews, you need the support of experts in coding and developing the apps. That’s because code review is a systematic assessment of code customized to find bugs, enhance code quality, and help developers get the source code.

Customizing a solid code review process sets a base for continuous improvements. Also, it prevents unstable code from being delivered to clients. Only the experts and professionals could help you to maintain the quality of code because they know every step of the code review.

4. Custom Code Review


Well, many companies don’t want a readymade code review. They want to look into every step taken to develop the codes.

In any condition, they don’t want to miss the chance to give some opinions on how the code for them should be customized.

Then these organizations hire professional developers to do the custom code review for them, considering their opinion on every single step.


Source Code Review Checklist

Like any other checklist, the Source Code Review checklist will assist you in creating a systematic approach to code reviews. Moreover, they will help you recall all the quality standards you set to perform every code in the codebase.

At the least, you can list many specific items in your Source Code Review checklist. It’ll be helpful to the coder that if every checkpoint from the checklist gets verified, the item won’t have any issues performing tasks. has been offering Source Code Review Services for a long time and has met many clients asking about related queries. You can contact us if you want to meet your goals while maintaining the issues with loopholes in your application source code.

Source Code Audit

It’s a process in which the hacker analyzes the source code of an application. That is to identify security vulnerabilities, security design issues, and places of possible patches in programming practices.

Our Approach to Source Code Review is that with the help of this technique, the organization could be able to fight against unauthorized online threats.

These threats make their way into your database via exploitation of the loopholes left in the source code in the initial stages of the development of the has already performed a Source Code Audit for many clients to help them out with the issues. If you want help with your Application Source Code Audit, you can get in contact with us.


Now, you know how much a Source Code Review is. Then for a better understanding of Source Code Review, you might need some assistance or support. Right? Obviously, why not! For that, you can rely on OWASP Source Code Review.

To help the practitioner, a technical book is available for them known as OWASP Code Review Guide. This book is handy for reviewing codes and is used by management, developers, and security professionals. To perform better at Source Code Review, these professionals can try the methods mentioned in the book.


Frequently Asked Questions

About Source Code Review Service in Singapore

Source Code Review could help companies to find the fault in the application that they use to run their businesses. If you could get yourself an expert to find the vulnerabilities for you to patch that'll be great so you could perfectly enhance the experience of your clients while they reach the platform that you have provided. To get full disclosure of source code review you can get in contact with professionals.
To do that you need to ask experts for help. By experts, we mean Ethical hackers. They have many tools with them to check whether your application is lacking some security measures or not. First, the hacker launches a code analyzer. The code analyzer will help hackers to scan the code of your application line-by-line. After the deployment of the analyzer, it’ll find vulnerabilities. Then you’ll be able to manually check the vulnerabilities to prepare patches for the loopholes faster.
Review code involves the following 7 Steps:
● Correct Syntax
● Grammar
● Code Linting Errors
● Code Reusability/ Duplicate Code
● Technical Quality
○ Code Logic
○ Naming Convention
○ Condensed Code
○ Security
● Error Handling Mechanism
● Test Covers
There are Five types of code reviews you can see. But the two most common you would see will be:
● Pair Programming
● Formal Code Review
To do a code review you can ask an ethical hacker. They know every cyber security field. Moreover, they are fully trained to check whether your website or application’s source code is having any loopholes in it or not. So, they’re indeed reliable in that sense.
Organizations are pretty much included in the scenario as they’re the one who hires developers to develop the applications for their organizational use. But anyone can handle code reviews if they have the capability of a domain expert. According to the lines of code, the experts' count shall increase.
Yes, definitely. Code review is necessary to look for the loopholes left in the security measures that are harmful to the data security of the company if they are left open. Ethical hackers will help out organizations review the application’s code to look for vulnerabilities in consideration of hacking risk by an adversary.
It should be done after automated checks (tests, style, other CI) succeed, however, before the code merges to the repository’s mainland branch. That’s so the users must not experience any issues while using the application.