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The acronym HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, which is basically compliance and standard in the healthcare sector to secure the confidentiality of the datasets possessing susceptible information of patients.  In addition, the confidential database has highly private information about healthcare clients, such as their health, personal lives, most-personal habits, and finances when they are at their most vulnerable stage that should not fall into the wrong hands.
Furthermore, Craw Security, the Best VAPT Service Provider in Singapore, offers highly experienced professionals to assist your organization in completing all the legal requirements and necessary formalities of HIPAA Compliance Service in Singapore.

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What is HIPAA Compliance?

HIPAA Compliance is a US-based federal law stating the protection of the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of patient information by healthcare organizations that became a legal provision via the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), enacted in 1996.

Moreover, we can say that this US federal law is dedicated to protecting the privacy of single identifiable patient information, both physically and electronically.  In addition, it offers Continuity and Portability of health-related advantages to persons in between jobs.  Also, it supplies several mechanisms to battle fraud and abuse in health insurance and healthcare delivery (Accountability).

Furthermore, HIPAA Compliance applies to 3 Covered Entities (CE), which are as follows:

  • Healthcare providers who disseminate data electronically (e.g., physicians, pharmacists, hospitals)
  • Healthcare insurance organizations and
  • Healthcare clearinghouses (promoters that process health information for billing objectives)

How can Craw Security assist?

Craw Security will surely assist any Cover Entity among the above-mentioned 3 sorts of CEs in completing HIPAA Compliance with its 8 key steps or approaches while considering the appropriate preparation to comply with the Security Rule.

Obtain and Maintain Senior Management Support

Any compliance, especially this HIPPA Compliance Service in Singapore, needs utmost care and attention from almost every employee of the organizational work-chain system, specifically from the upper-most hierarchy of the system.  Thus, awareness and education of the senior management about all the security parameters is ultimately necessary.  However, to have their continuous assistance throughout the compliance procedure, Craw Security needs them on deck to understand the overall security mechanism through training and KT (Knowledge Transfer) session from our highly professional experts.

In addition, we educate the senior management team, including the decision-making personnel, about all the necessary steps of confirming all HIPAA Compliance, presenting them with the hostile consequences of non-compliance.  Moreover, we brief them nicely on how a senior management professional of a CE would react to security compliance of HIPAA Services in Singapore unless they could fall in the limelight of the auditors, lawyers, and unhappy clients, which could even lead to the loss of goodwill.

Further, as the HIPAA Compliance efforts progress, we try to keep the senior management team up-to-date as per the latest information in HIPPA Compliance.

Develop and Implement Security Policies & Procedures

The very first step, far before implementing any security procedure and technique to safeguard electronically Protected Health Information (ePHI), is to nicely track down and define what security parameters and policies are required to be developed and implemented for a corresponding CE.

In this regard, Craw Security comes like a boon in disguise, where our professional advisors will sincerely conduct an extensive gap analysis to comprehend the current organizational environment and then arrive at the necessary policy change for the corresponding business to attain the required compliance.

Moreover, these techniques would undoubtedly aid in defining the enterprise’s security posture and related strategic objectives by offering an entire security framework and a baseline for the careful assortment and utilization of its security parameters.

Conduct and Maintain Inventory of ePHI

Assuring the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) of ePHI can be a bit intricate if you are not quite sure about HIPAA Compliance within your organization.  Hence, the task of continuously tracking down and drafting the flow of ePHI throughout the entire enterprise is to be confirmed by a sound HIPAA Service Provider in Singapore, like Craw Security.  Hence, certain points which would be scrutinized while the procedure is on are such as:

  • Whether there is a continuous trade of its ePHI with any of the working partners,
  • Does any data system continuously transmit ePHI to any other data system?
  • Does the enterprise continuously share its ePHI over the Internet?

Be Aware of Political and Cultural Issues Raised by HIPAA

There are certain issues with the change in policy in the organizational culture, especially the manner in which employees interact with ePHI.  For instance, the interaction of new policies and methodologies needed comprehensive supervision and auditing of employee actions, or the modifications to a CE’s access control policy gave rise to the fact that employees who had unlimited access to ePHI formerly, perhaps could now have only restricted access to some specific things.  In addition, those kinds of alterations might lead to some confusion, resistance, or even ego/ political clashes within the enterprise.

However, these concerns can be rectified by offering prime knowledge to the employees about the chief necessities of the Security Rule, the significance of the safety of ePHI, and the right category of procedure to be employed by the enterprise to comply with the rules.  In addition to this, Craw Security plays a pivotal role in providing better information to your employees as the first exercise by its primetime advisors cum facilitators.  Subsequently, in order to have a qualitative approach, honest feedback from the working employees and true reviews on proposed security policies and mechanisms could also be taken as an integral part of this practice.

Conduct Regular and Detailed Risk Analysis

In reference to the conduction of regular and detailed risk analysis, Craw Security is highly committed to offering its best services with a better approach that is hard to find anywhere else in Singapore.  Some of the primetime sequences of functions facilitated by Craw Security’s world-class advisors are as follows:

  • Assemble the viable lifelike threat strategies that endanger patient data.
  • Specify the probability and extent of threat actualization.
  • Emphasize a set of the most pocket-friendly protections for the operation.

Determine what is Appropriate and Reasonable

With the right employment of the Risk Documentation from the Risk Analysis Procedure, Craw Security would offer the security controls that can nicely patch the tracked severe risks to ePHI.  In addition, these controls would definitely minimize the risk levels of ePHI and corresponding info mechanisms to a reasonable level.


There is a genuine need for formal documentation showcasing Security Rules by CEs proposing a broad spectrum of security policies and mechanisms that have to be authenticated by the senior management and continuously monitored and amended as per the need.  Moreover, a CE with no or restricted documentation would be at substantial risk when checked by an auditor or a lawyer.

Further, these personalities would also wish to compare the enterprise’s security legalities against the industry’s best exercises and also see paperwork of the available carrying out of specification decisions, which the corresponding enterprise establishes.  In the bottom line, Craw Security will take care of all of these types of documentation or paperwork formalities from the start of the project till the end.

Prepare for Ongoing Compliance

Now, we hope that you are now quite familiar with the fact that the CEs should comply with the Security Rule on a continuous basis.  Hence, the development and implementation of security policies, mechanisms, techniques, and management are to be accomplished while keeping in consideration that they ought to be verified regularly and updated when the requirement arises.

In the near future, all the kinds of risks to ePHI and corresponding patch mechanisms are likely to alter; hence, the organization must comprehend and be ready to respond quickly to these alterations.  Subsequently, HIPAA Compliance in Singapore is subject to change by the US Government as it is federal law.

Hence, regular monitoring for this particular rule for any kind of modifications needs to be completed.  Moreover, this continual enhancement and compliance procedure can be handled by Craw Security, the Best VAPT Solutions Provider in Singapore.

Frequently Asked Questions

About HIPAA Service in Singapore

Singapore does not fall under the HIPAA Compliance mandatory countries; moreover, HIPAA is a federal law imposed on the healthcare industry by US Government.
However, Craw Security offers primetime HIPAA Services in Singapore with its highly experienced advisors cum facilitators in the domain.
In the 2022 changes to HIPAA Act, patients will certainly be permitted to inspect their PHI in person and take causal notes or photographs of their PHI. However, the maximum time limit to provide access to PHI will change from 30 days to 15 days in this update. Moreover, the requests by persons to transfer ePHI to a third party will be restricted to the ePHI maintained in an EHR.
The standard Google Forms are not HIPAA Compliant, whereas you can avail of the HIPAA Compliant in Google simply by signing a business associate agreement with Google along with altering security and privacy settings on the corresponding account to secure ePHI and other sensitive information.
It is very important to note that it is most unlikely to understand that HIPAA Compliance is implemented outside of the US. However, it has become a benchmark standard in securing the sensitive database of patients that should fall into the wrong hands.
Craw Security urges all the 3 healthcare CEs to make their institutions HIPAA Compliant so that patients admitting patients would have a keen sense of satisfaction while entering into the premises of their respective institutions that their database is duly secured with them and nobody can misuse it merely by hacking into their servers so quickly.
The latest set of major HIPAA updates commenced in 2013 with the prime introduction of the HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule.
The future of HIPAA could be likely to expand to include individually identifiable health information gathered, utilized, transmitted, or maintained by Non-HIPAA-covered organizations.

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