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Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Services in Singapore

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Services in Singapore

At some point, understanding a black hat hacker’s mental level is the essential gift you can offer as the most favorable thing for your organization, as it can be hacked anytime soon.  Since time is passing, many black hat hacking professionals are working on their toes to fall prey to your sensitive databases in varied IT environments.

Getting started with the right strategies required for the vulnerability assessment of an IT ecosystem of a target organization can be the most challenging aspect that one could do at the initial stages of finding out the security flaws inscribed in an enterprise.  Moreover, in order to provide a safe and secure IT environment within an organization, many penetration testing services in Singapore are functioning with their best possible efforts to extract every single vulnerability in an organization’s IT infrastructure.

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What is Penetration Testing?

The dedicated process of Vulnerability Assessment, implemented by an experienced professional to find out the vulnerabilities possessed in a target IT infrastructure with the help of the right kinds of VAPT Tools engaged in promoting a fully authorized VAPT Process, is known as Penetration Testing Service.

Stay One Step Ahead of Hackers with the Right Pentesting Strategy

Making your organization’s cyber security quotient high should be the foremost choice of your cyber security team, as staying one step ahead of the potential hackers is the need of the hour in today’s hacking-based world.  In this regard, to provide organizations with the right kind of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Services, Craw Security has become a benchmark as a trusted cyber security advisor and provider that functions under prime confidentiality protocols.

Moreover, our quick team players have world-class penetration testing experiences and are known worldwide for their 100% accurate and successful results within 500+ IT infrastructures of 350+ businesses.

At a focusing level, Craw Security understands the pain of not having the exact level of security candidates that can accomplish your varied security procedures; and that is why we are prepared to offer our global VAPT Services in Singapore.

Is your organization safe from cyberattacks?

Most organizations think that they do not require any cyber security functionalities among their IT infrastructures as hackers will not be interested in their organizations as they are not earning pretty much as compared to their competitors.  As a result, they do not take cyber security as an essential parameter to give consideration to.

Subsequently, they fall prey to the hands of black hat hackers as they find pretty easy targets to cater on since the higher competitors have already taken full cyber security to avoid any sudden cyber attacks over their IT infrastructures.  Therefore, we sincerely need to understand the importance of having cyber security and upgrade our security level by adapting a genuine VAPT Process through many dedicated VAPT Tools and many high-tech procedures by several experienced pentesting professionals.

Most importantly, Craw Security focuses on your individual security concerns and acts on them with utter dedication through our chief penetration procedures.

Why Penetration Testing in Singapore?

As per research conducted by VMware Carbon Black, it is showcased to the world that as many as 96% of Singapore organizations had a minimum of one breach in the past 12 months due to some sudden external cyber-attacks.  It was also showcased in the same study conducted by VMware Carbon Black that the hackers demanded jaw-dropping ransomware after the data breaches.

The report also expressed that these data breaching happened in almost every major and minor providence in the Republic of Singapore, spanning across almost all 63 islands, comprising Jurong Island, Pulau Tekong, Pulau Ubin, Sentosa, etc.  However, they even stated that they encountered the same types of sudden cyber attacks at frequent intervals.

What is Security Vulnerability Assessment?

The security vulnerability assessment can be defined as the required set of cyber security measures taken by an organization by permanently employing cyber security professionals in the company’s working team or taking an ethical Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Services in Singapore from a sincere VAPT Service Provider in Singapore.

In this service, a working professional on vulnerability assessment service reviews the cyber security flaws or shortcomings in an IT system and evaluates the corresponding procedures by which a black hat hacking professional can exploit them.  Moreover, the pentester assigns vulnerability severity levels to those obtained vulnerabilities and recommends the exact requirements or mitigation processes by which none can hack them in the near future.

What is Vulnerability Testing?

Vulnerability Testing is a set of techniques and procedures employed by a working pentesting expert to highlight the available vulnerabilities or threats that can be exploited by a black hat hacking expert for one’s personal illicit benefits.

CRAW Security, the Best VAPT Service Provider in Singapore, has many world-class tactics, tricks, tools, and techniques to offer the varied organizations in the Republic of Singapore with the help of its many experienced penetration professionals offering their highly curated Penetration Testing Services in Singapore.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Tools

With the help of many world-class paid VAPT Tools, our global penetration testing professionals work on the IT infrastructures of their clientele and accomplish the VAPT Process nicely.

Some of the most genuine Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Tools that are generally utilized in functioning prominent Vulnerability Assessment Methodology are mentioned below:

Vulnerability Assessment Methodology Examples
Network Security Monitoring Tools ARGUS
Encryption Tools LastPass, BitLocker, VeraCrypt, etc.
Web Vulnerability Scanning Tools Acunetix, beSECURE, Burp Suite, etc.
Network Defence Wireless Tools Wireshark, Metasploit, Nessus, Aircrack, etc.
Packet Sniffers Tcpdump, Wireshark, etc.
Antivirus Software McAfee, Norton, QuickHeal, Kaspersky, etc.
Firewall LifeLock, ZoneAlarm, Comodo Firewall, etc.
PKI Services z/OS® Cryptographic Services PKI Services
Managed Detection Services SecurityHQ, Cynet, Cybereason, etc.
Penetration Testing Netsparker, John The Ripper, Wireshark, Metasploit, Acunetix Scanner, etc.

Vulnerability Assessment Vs Penetration Testing

Just to understand the Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Differences, we have made some points in the following table to let you understand things nicely:

Vulnerability Assessment Penetration Testing
Vulnerability Assessment is highly focused on tracking down and classifying vulnerabilities in a system. The strategies of penetration testing include exploiting shortcomings to obtain information about them.
Vulnerability Assessment is generally an automated procedure including many vulnerability scanning tools. Many penetration testing services need manual intervention based on automated scanning.
In this process, it is nearly impossible to get zero false positives with an automatic vulnerability assessment. In this methodology, many manual pentesters can assure zero false positives.
Vulnerability assessment usually misses intricate and sensitive vulnerabilities. A huge thanks to human intelligence for introducing the penetration testing element in the searching process, as it generally detects all business logic errors that remain undetected in the scanning.
Automated vulnerability assessment usually takes lesser time and money than penetration testing services. Penetration testing is basically a time-consuming as well as and expensive process for a good reason.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Services in Singapore

There is no particular timing about when you should conduct a VAPT analysis. You may understand this thing as you require doors far before you put any precious materials inside your house, whether or not you are staying among saints. Most organizations tend to choose VAPT services soon after they get hacked.
The acronym VAPT stands for Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing, which is greatly used by many experienced penetration testers to track down the available vulnerabilities within a target IT infrastructure. Craw Security offers many international-standard Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Services in Singapore.
Suppose a person is not implementing proper cyber security protocols within one’s IT infrastructures in an organization to secure sensitive and crucial databases. In that case, the information can easily be hacked because of the lack of security mechanisms, and anyone can misuse those datasets for malicious purposes.
Data Breaches are the common byproduct of a cyber attack that has a huge negative impact on a working business as it costs monetary loss as their potential customers will go to one’s competitors because of the negligence. Craw Security, the Best Penetration Testing Services in Singapore, offers you the best VAPT solutions under the supervision of highly experienced penetration testing professionals.
The vulnerability assessment and penetration testing can be expressed as a high-tech procedure implemented by penetration testing professionals under one’s extreme care and with the utmost precautions. To obtain every single vulnerability in an IT environment that can nicely give backdoor access to real-time hackers in the wild.
No, both penetration testing and vulnerability testing are different from each other. In general, vulnerability assessments are done by using varied VAPT Tools with almost no involvement of human intelligence, while penetration testing involves both human and machine intelligence.
This question differentiates from company to company as every organization has its own costing slabs that they cater to as per their expenditure and status.
Moreover, on an average value, vulnerability assessment costs can fall something between $2,000 – $2,500, strictly relying on the number of IPs, servers, or applications scanned. Furthermore, if you wish to get your IT infrastructures pen tested before it gets too late, then you just require to call Craw Security at +65-98664040 and secure your organizational datasets at very cost-effective prices.
The Penetration Testing Services in Singapore can be termed as the amalgamation of human intelligence with the right kinds of VAPT Tools to offer world-class VAPT solutions to organizations willing to secure their IT infrastructures at any level at very affordable prices.
In this regard, Craw Security is doing the same job at very competitive rates just to ensure fully-fledged Penetration Testing Services for every organization hailing from any particular niche.


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