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Red Team Assessment Service in Singapore 2024

Highly Knowledge-Based Red Team Assessment Service in Singapore

Nowadays, every enterprise is on the hitlist of hacking professionals finding their next prey to lure them and steal the confidential information that would illegally benefit them by selling those sorts of datasets on the dark web.  In this regard, companies have got more aware of these cyber threats derived from these possible cyber-attacks that can be run by some malicious intended anti-social elements in very intricacy, stealth, and difficulty.  Hence, almost every SME, as well as a large organization, are deploying numerous defensive cyber-based layers, techniques, and solutions to secure their database from sudden cyber attacks with the means like antivirus software, anti-malware software, firewalls, IDS, IPS, and other systems constitute the defense line against malicious exercises.

Among these security devices and practices, we can deploy a human layer widely known as the “Blue Team” that setups, keep, and functions on this infrastructure.  However, it is highly recommended to test the vulnerability of the system or IoT devices by some outside force as this will tell you how much the system or the network of systems is vulnerable to varied kinds of cyber attacks and threats.  Hence, in these cases, the introduction of the Red Team Assessment Service comes.

I hope you might have nicely gone through the info related to what is Ream Team Assessment.

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How does Red Team Assessment Work?

We always need to make sure that our cyber-related defenses and security are working correctly and that the professionals who are testing the vulnerabilities and security status of the system are high on their toes while working on the security systems.  Moreover, we can sincerely say that our highly trained team of Penetration Testers with proven experiences of many years are the main crew members of Red Team Assessment Services in Singapore that rely heavily on well-defined tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs).

Further, the prominent mechanism deployed by our highly knowledgeable team members of Red Team Assessment Service is mentioned below:

  • Step 1:  Preparation
  • Step 2:  Threat Intelligence & Attack Planning
  • Step 3:  Attack Execution
  • Step 4:  Result Analysis & Reporting
  • Step 5:  Lessons-Learned Workshop

Now, we will elaborate on the steps mentioned above one by one in the following to let you understand why is Ream Team Assessment important.

Step 1:  Preparation

The primary work structure of the Red Team Assessment Services is conceptualized during this phase, where team members segregate their exclusive roles and responsibilities during the entire vulnerability search process in the corresponding IT infrastructure.  Here, at this step, they redefine their strategy as per the customers’ current needs and the scope of the actions that will be executed later planned in this step.  In this phase, they also decide the duration, the legal boundaries they need to maintain, and the prohibited actions they cannot take in the process.

This process is compiled under a document widely known as the “Rules of Engagement.”

Step 2:  Threat Intelligence & Attack Planning

Once the Rules of Engagement have been compiled, testing can commence with the threat intelligence & attack planning phase.  These threat intelligence circumstances can be termed as the work model of real-life cyber threats that are necessary to the success of testing activities.  Further, the Red Team here plans the attack model utilizing their self-evolved tricks & techniques.

Step 3:  Attack Execution

Craw Security here deploys its fully-fledged Red Team Assessment Service in Singapore utilizing a feasible execution concept that is formed of 3 following-mentioned crucial phases to accomplish an engagement:

Get In

Initially, the red team should possess open access to their targets to assess the network.

Stay In

Here, the read team must need to make a continuity to survive the duration of the engagement.


In this final step, the red team executes some proposed actions (also termed operational impacts) jointly approved by the customer during the preparation phase and duly signed by the customer in the “Rules of Engagement” document.  Moreover, we can say that the operational impacts are the so-called operations designed to demonstrate a weakness or vulnerability.

Here, each phase is broken down into different subsets of sub-phases mentioned below:


In this particular step of Reconnaissance, passive as well as active surveillance to collect info related to the target organization and its employees and to track down underlying constituents like operating systems, functioning services, software versions, etc.


In this phase, the working Red Team Assessment Service will try to manipulate the datasets discovered before and genuinely attempt to phish target employees with some social engineering tactics via email, call, fax, SMS, or any other medium.


During this phase, the working Red Team tries to deploy a persistent backdoor in the target network infrastructure to keep accessing the database for an extended period.  Via this particular backdoor entry point, one can move between and gain unauthorized access to numerous systems with a network infrastructure.  Moreover, an illicit user can establish some command channel that commands and control many things through itself.

Action on Objectives

It constitutes fulfilling the objectives established by the customer. For example:

  • Gathering of user credentials
  • Access sensitive client files
  • Obtain full domain control
  • Measure customer fortifications against insider threat

Step 4:  Result Analysis & Reporting

In this phase, a report is procured in which it will conclude a comprehensive, significant, and understandable C-level summary of the functioning Penetration Testing and highly knowledge-based Red Teaming assessment that will comprise security strengths, complete analysis of the organizational ability, with the recommendations for restoration and enhancement.

Step 5:  Lessons-Learned Workshop

Here, in the step, the findings and engagements that the Red Team has obtained during the Red Team Assessment Service can now genuinely be given to the employees as a Workshop to improve security and the varied Blue Team processes.  This will highly secure the company’s database. The employees are now dedicatedly taught regarding all the available loopholes duly found by the Red Team Assessment Service.

Now, we have sincerely elaborated on what happened during Red Team Assessment.

Getting Started with Penetration Testing and Red Teaming Engagements

Multiple benefits can be acquired by the sincere efforts of Red Team Assessment Service that can benefit you and your organization by training your employees with the results that our Red Team Assessment members will come up with.  Some of the main methods that the Red Team Assessment Service do are as follows: 

  • Sending emails to employees while posing as someone else.
  • Use employee-side access to infiltrate vulnerable points.
  • Use different techniques to attack from multiple angles.
  • Detect and anticipate security issues
  • Respond to the security issues

How can your business benefit from Red Team Assessment?

There are varying levels of benefits from the Red Team Assessment that are described below:

  • Assessing readiness to safeguard against cyber attacks.
  • Testing the efficiency of security against mechanisms and people.
  • Identify the security gaps.
  • Enhance the efficiency of the response mechanism.
  • Address risks and mitigate loopholes.
  • Find the road map for future security exercises.

Breaking Down the Red Team Assessment Phases

  • Planning/setting objectives
  • Reconnaissance
  • Target identification
  • Gaining access
  • Establishing a foothold and maintaining a presence
  • Completing objectives
  • Reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

About Red Team Assessment Service in Singapore

There are many highlighted tricks, tools, and techniques that can be employed by real-time cyber security analysts to conduct a red team assessment and track down every possible vulnerability in an IT infrastructure of a target organization just to toughen and harden the security policies of the distinguished IT infrastructures against real-time cyber attacks.
There are varied methodologies that are used by the dedicated Red Team Assessment members to track down every possible loophole or vulnerability in an IT environment such as the following:
Step 1: Preparation
Step 2: Threat Intelligence & Attack Planning
Step 3: Attack Execution
Step 4: Result Analysis & Reporting
Step 5: Lessons-Learned Workshop
The dedicated Red Team Assessment Service in Singapore is channeled by Craw Security – the best VAPT Service Provider in Singapore.
The professional Red Team Assessment Service members nicely deploy many security parameters in an IT environment adding a phishing database of the target organization’s employees to detect every problem’s solutions. This can be accomplished by deploying many modern tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) of the real time attackers that target high-risk cyber assets.
It is a process in which a team of professional penetration testers channels a series of attacks on IT infrastructures as well as social engineering techniques on target organizations’ employees one by one to detect every possible vulnerability to secure the database of the company before any mishappening happens.
A report that is submitted by a Red Team Assessment Service team members after tracking down every possible single vulnerability.
The dedicated steps were taken by corresponding Red Team Assessment Service members to track down every possible vulnerability in an IT environment just to compromise its database to the utmost extent. Some of the Red Team exercises steps are mentioned below:
Step 1: Preparation
Step 2: Threat Intelligence & Attack Planning
Step 3: Attack Execution
Step 4: Result Analysis & Reporting
Step 5: Lessons-Learned Workshop
It is highly renowned that the Red Team Assessment Service is designed to be similar attacks as the real-time attacks processing on the IT infrastructures of a target organization. With the usage of some dedicated tools, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) by some anti-social element with hands-on practice on black hat hacking techniques, many available databases can be compromised with the illicit usage of the available vulnerabilities and threats in an IT atmosphere.

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