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Cyber Security Consulting Companies in Singapore

Founded with the idea of offering world-class and the best penetration testing services in Singapore under the supervision of superbly talented, skilled, and certified penetration testing professionals having many years of authentic experience in the domain, many cyber security consulting companies tend to give the best VAPT solutions to their clients.

By successfully penetrating over 550 IT infrastructures of 350+ organizations hailing from diverse niches and genres, Craw Security, one of the Best Cyber Security Consulting Companies in Singapore, offers many primetime VAPT solutions to enterprises willing to obtain every single vulnerability from their IT environments.

What is Security Consulting Services?

In this technologically advanced world, every organization has learned to connect with its customers through the power of social media and exclusive websites.  In this regard, almost every enterprise tries to establish a healthy connection between themselves and their clients with the help of digital marketing.  Thus, they store the highly crucial and sensitive information of their clientele upon their official servers that are duly hackable by a malicious threat actor using one’s highly practiced black hat hacking exercises.

The companies that store those databases on their hard drives or cloud storages need to have a proper scanning of their IT infrastructures so that any potential threats, loopholes, or vulnerabilities could not fall into the wrong hands of adversaries.  Subsequently, many cyber security consulting firms function for the well-being of their clients.

Moreover, many services can be taken by a world-class cyber security consulting company that delivers many international-level VAPT services, such as:

  • Application Penetration Testing
  • External Infrastructure Penetration Testing
  • Client-Side Software Testing
  • Red Team Assessment
  • Source Code Review
  • IoT Penetration Testing
  • Network Penetration Testing
  • Blockchain Security
  • Wireless Penetration Testing
  • Web Application Penetration Testing
  • Mobile Application Penetration Testing
  • Spear Phishing Attack Service

Apart from it, numerous other services, like Cyber Security Remediation Services, Cloud Security Services, and Cyber Security Compliance Services, are facilitated that possess many good category VAPT Solutions that are delivered to the clients under the extreme supervision of a genuine penetration testers’ team.

Top Cyber Security Companies Singapore

In order to let everyone understand the true sense of top cyber security companies Singapore, we have given a list of the Top 3 Cyber Security Companies in Singapore having a fully-fledged knowledge of providing many world-class VAPT Solutions under the supervision of internationally acclaimed experts:

Craw Security

Since Craw Security is an immensely professional organization focused on producing intricate web and mobile solutions and systems, with over 7 years in the market and that has multiple branches all over India as well as Singapore.  Our penetration testers possess in-depth experience in completing multiple projects with their high knowledge of varied IT infrastructures during their career.

WebSailors is a favorable cyber security professional company dedicatedly considered on developing difficult Web and Mobile Solutions and Systems.  In addition, 7+ years of experience in the market and has proud branches in Europe, Asia, and North America.  Ahead, they have successfully completed many projects for clients from almost all over the world to such profound extents as Solar Energy, Information Security, and Finances.


Laid its foundation stone in 2005, TPIsoftware is uniquely a software provider established in Taiwan, supplying business software and one-stop solutions to several industries in diverse businesses.  In addition, TPIsoftware has 2 chief products – the digital service platform DigiFusion and the second one is AI-based product – as well as 8 prime technological remedies to support varied enterprises getting triumphant in digital conversion.

Application Penetration Testing Service In Singapore

Cyber Security Consulting Firms Near Me

If you are a locale of Singapore and willing to take a globally acclaimed cyber security service from a highly recognized cyber security consulting associate, then you may opt for Craw Security’s name for it.  With its highly efficient penetration testers and duly paid authentic tools, your organization will extremely be scrutinized and checked for any vulnerabilities possessed in its IT infrastructures.

As a result, among all the cyber security consulting companies effectively functioning in the Republic of Singapore, Craw Security tends to provide the best penetration testing services in Singapore.  In addition, the inner team at Craw Security is quickly capable of taking on several projects greater than they would have been capable of.  Craw Security offers a premium category of VAPT solutions that match the necessities of third-party clients, functioning in a quick procedure.

In addition to this, the corresponding working team of high-qualified pentesters is highly competent, quick-responsive, and extremely flexible.  Moreover, Craw Security is nicely capable of adjusting its prominently working team composition as per the needs of the clients.

Our Services

  • Security Testing
  • Audit Services
  • Advisory Services

Frequently Asked Questions

About Cyber Security Consulting Companies in Singapore 2024

1: Who is the biggest company in cyber security?

There can be many cyber security consulting companies that tend to be the biggest in cyber security.  However, you just require to search for a company that has already resolved many queries of cyber security concerns of several organizations hailing from diverse industries or niches.  In this regard, Craw Security would be the best fit to give you the utmost qualitative piece of advice as it is one of the best cyber security consulting companies in Singapore.

2: What are the best cyber security companies?

The companies that offer their customers the best piece of advice, as well as the world-class VAPT solutions to make their clients’ businesses sincerely free from any kind of hacking activity, are the best cyber security consulting companies.

In the same vein, Craw Security offers the best penetration testing services in Singapore through their internationally acclaimed pentesting professionals.

3: Which country is #1 in cybersecurity?

The United States of America is the number one country in the world that takes into consideration cyber security as one of the most important topics for organizational growth.

4: What are the top 3 targeted industries for cyber security?

The prime top 3 targeted industries that mostly face cyber security issues are Financial, health, intellectual, and government bodies.  These industries face maximum chances for whose digital assets are the most likely to be breached.

5: How much do cyber security consultants make?

As per AmbitionBox, the Cyber Security Consultants’ salaries in India fall between ₹4.2 Lakhs to ₹25 Lakhs.  Moreover, the average annual salary of the same profile is around ₹9.5 Lakhs.

6: Is cybersecurity consulting a good career?

Yes, it is one of the booming careers that one can choose to live a healthy life in the future as it pays a huge amount in the shape of salary to the bearholders.  One can also live a genuine work-life balance with this profile as it also provides a sufficient amount of time to the working professionals so that they can live their lives as per their choices.

7: Can I become a cyber security consultant?

Yes, you may become a cyber security consultant.  You just need to prove yourself as a professional cyber security expert with a great extent of knowledge as well as experience.  In this regard, you need to start learning cyber security by heart and obtain a genuinely running certification in the market and start performing in some industries that provide employment in the same genre.

Moreover, if you wish to start a new career in this domain, you can contact Craw Security for certification as well as other varied concerns.  You just need to call us at +65-98664040.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, we have attempted to give you an overview of the main cyber security consulting companies in Singapore that have left a great impact on the global market by delivering world-class penetration testing services in Singapore through their highly talented, skilled, certified pentesters.  In addition, these globally acclaimed penetration testing experts possess numerous years of authentic experience in successfully mitigating vulnerabilities possessed in several 550+ IT infrastructures of more than 350 businesses.  Most importantly, all these can be attained through Craw Security, the Best VAPT Services Provider in Singapore.

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