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Best VAPT Service in India | VAPT Service Provider in India

With the advancement of technology and internet-based gadgets, the vast possibility of losing your databases in the hands of a black hat hacker trying to seize your sensitive sorts of digital assets from any remote location on the earth has risen to par.  In this regard, we highly require to implement some decent Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing Services from a good source of VAPT Services in India under the observation of a world-class penetration tester is the need of the hour.

In this blog post, we have shed some light on Craw Security, which offers the Best VAPT Service in India with its highly potential-holding penetration testers who have many years of authentic experience in successfully mitigating 550+ IT infrastructures over 350 organizations all over the world.

What is the Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT) Methodology?

The dedicated process of Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT) Methodology is to check all the coding security flaws that can be exploited by a black hat hacking professional willing to track down every single vulnerability from the security flaws list and patch them with the suitable mitigation process as well as law.  In addition, this highlighted VAPT solution can be taken care of by an in-house penetration tester or an international-standard VAPT Service in India.

As a result, if a person is sincerely able to track down all the vulnerabilities, loopholes, or threats hidden inside the security posture of the IT infrastructures of an organization in the shapes of coding flaws, the same would be able in being one step ahead of an adversary trying to attempt some cyber attacks to modify, alter, delete, or seize, etc. to the sensitive and crucial information from the datasets of the corresponding target IT infrastructures.

Why is VAPT Testing Needed for Your Organization?

We understand the thing that there is nothing 100% Secure in this world.  The only thing required is the right strategy implementation with a sufficient amount of resources and time.  Any adversary with great experience in finding out the corresponding vulnerabilities in diverse IT infrastructures can sincerely penetrate any most secured to highly secured IT infrastructures by implementing one’s penetration testing exercises.

Hence, it is highly required to do a properly channeled entire network scan in order to find out the corresponding vulnerabilities comprised in targeting IT security systems.  In this regard, one must go for the best VAPT Service in India, and that is Craw Security — the best penetration testing service in India.

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What Are The Benefits Of Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT)?

Many prominent Benefits of Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing Services are quite important to all organizations looking out to take the Best-in-class VAPT Services in India.  Moreover, some of the rush-hour Benefits of Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing Services are mentioned below:

  • Overall research and validation of the web, mobile and/or networking environments have been catered into the VAPT Testing solutions.
  • Uncovering the vulnerability and minute errors widely present in IT environments could certainly lead to major cyber attacks from any remote location in the world.
  • Chases a systematic approach to patch some of the critical issues and vulnerabilities for the risk management procedures.
  • Safeguarding highly sensitive databases and information against unofficial access, data theft, or breach.
  • Assists in achieving and maintaining compliance with national codes and regulations.
  • Safeguards organizations against any kind of monetary or reputation loss.
  • Improves the organization’s reputation by confirming a high-level security posture of the data network.

Our Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing(VAPT) Services

  • Application Penetration Testing
  • External Infrastructure Penetration Testing
  • Client-Side Software Testing
  • Red Team Assessment
  • Source Code Review
  • IoT Penetration Testing
  • Network Penetration Testing
  • Blockchain Security
  • Wireless Penetration Testing
  • Web Application Penetration Testing
  • Mobile Application Penetration Testing
  • Spear Phishing Attack Service

Why Hire Craw Cyber Security For Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT) Service In India?

In case you are quite willing to know why hire a VAPT Service provider anywhere in pan India, you need to require to read the benefits of getting an IT infrastructure scanned by a highly professional team of penetration testers having many years of authentic experience in finding and mitigating the security flaws within IT infrastructures of a target organization.

Moreover, Craw Security offers the Best VAPT Service in India under the prime influence of some globally certified and highly recognized penetration testers with decent years of experience tracking down and mitigating varied security flaws in several IT organizations all over the planet.

Furthermore, you may take Craw Security’s best VAPT Service in India due to the following reasons:

  • A systematic approach to every vulnerability testing.
  • Experienced manpower for the job as per the requirement.
  • Exclusive VAPT Solution planning for an enterprise as per the business nature.
  • These are very cost-efficient plans.
  • Post-Op Training for Selected individuals of the organization.
  • Many High Costs Paid-Tools Utilization for detecting the vulnerabilities within varied IT environments among an enterprise.

Frequently Asked Questions

About VAPT Service Provider in India

1: Is VAPT Testing Required If My Data Is Moved To Cloud?

Yes, it is always required to perform vulnerability scanning before deploying any highly sensitive datasets onto the cloud servers.  However, it is highly recommended to scan even the cloud servers at fixed intervals so that any adversary could not able to detect any sort of vulnerabilities within the cloud infrastructure.

2: How Much Time Does A VAPT Testing Take?

It totally depends on what type of VAPT Service in India you would like to take.  However, in a general tone, it would take around 1 to 3 weeks to complete an organization’s network scan.

3: What Is The Cost Of Conducting A VAPT Audit?

As per our experience is one of the best penetration testing agencies in India; the cost of a standard VAPT Service in India would be somewhere between ₹10,000/- to ₹3,00,000/-.

4: How Effective Is A VAPT Scan In Defending Against Data Breaches?

In Craw Security’s highly efficient and the best VAPT Service in India, the executed VAPT scanning genuinely assists an organization in tracking all its vulnerabilities comprised within its network infrastructure and other IT environments so precisely.  Hence, any organization that would take proper vulnerability assessment & penetration testing services from Craw Security would save itself from any data breaches in the current and future scenarios.

5: What Is The Frequency Of Conducting A VAPT Audit?

If you ask us, we would like to recommend you do a comprehensive VAPT audit after every 6 months of scanning.

6: What Is A VAPT Tool?

A VAPT Tool is software stored on a system’s hard drive or a cloud-based application that does a specialized function or a set of work methodologies.

7: What are the types of VAPT?

There are 3 types of VAPT Services as the following:

  • Grey box VAPT Testing
  • White box VAPT Testing
  • Black box VAPT Testing

8: How much does VAPT cost?

As per our experience is one of the best penetration testing agencies in India; the cost of a standard VAPT Service in India would be somewhere between ₹10,000/- to ₹3,00,000/-.

9: Who can conduct VAPT?

Any world-class provider of VAPT Services in India can conduct a proper VAPT Scanning or audit of any IT infrastructure within an enterprise.  Similarly, Craw Security offers the best penetration testing services in India and throughout the world.  One may contact us at +91-9513805401 or visit our official website to get a quote.

10: What is VAPT certification?

A VAPT Certification is a testimony that testifies to the fact that the VAPT Scanning done by the VAPT agency has been successfully completed with good remarks and all the corresponding vulnerabilities that have been found during the scanning process has been nicely patched with the necessary processes and tools.


In the final words, we would like to say that we try our level best to elaborate on the main concerns that a world-class VAPT Service in India attempts to extract all the vulnerabilities, loopholes, and threats within a corresponding IT interface of an enterprise.  In addition, we even tried to give an overview of the best penetration testing services in India offered by Craw Security — the best VAPT Service Provider in India, with most of its penetration testers duly certified and excelling in the IT Security they do provide to their clients.

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