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Red Team Assessment and Penetration Testing Service

Red Team Assessment and Penetration Testing Service

Hack Yourself Before They:

The Major Objective of the Red teaming Test is to find out Real and Deeper Risk assessments on Employees, Web publishing, Infrastructure, Confidential and Restricted Area Access, and Many More. Majorly Red teaming Focus on These blow mentioned Areas:-

1. Red Teaming on Technological Controls (Protect Them)
Like, Network, App, Router, Switch, Application (Protect Them)

2. Red Teaming on Employees (Protect Them)
Like Staff, employees, Finance, department

3. Red Teaming on- Infrastructure (Protect Them)
Office, Warehouse, Data Center, Power Grid building, Society, Confidential Rooms Restricted Area (Social Engineering) Onsite. Complete Red team Assessment is a mixture of most deadliest advanced Affects launches like, Reconnaissance, Social Engineering, Physical parameter testing, virtual Network Compromising, Impersonating, and Honey traps to find/deduct/discover all the Possible ways in which your data can be breached.

Who will Perform Red Teaming?

Highly trained Security Assessment team. The performing team is highly trained and are experts in cyber security experts social engineering experts in Cyber Security.

What will be the Objective of the Red Team Assessment?

Find vulnerabilities in humans, the Physical Environment, and internal applications. Real-world Risk Assessment. Working Cloche witch stake Holder and parching. The Gaps Found during Assessment.

What is the Red teaming Test?

Read teaming us a process in which Experienced Security teamwork to Drill an Actual Attack on living, systems, live Infrastructure/Individuals or Group of Individuals to find the World vulnerabilities as a black hat or Malicious Outsides or Inside.

  • It is Purely a hardcore Attack drill on our Physical or virtual Environment, so it is been Conducted out by External third Party Experts.
  • When the Attacking and Defensive team works simultaneously Purple team Comes into the Picture.

Why Should We Conduct Red Teaming Assessment in Our Organisation?

These are a few Points:-

  • In-depth Knowledge of Your Security Gaps
  • Corrections on those Gaps before Actual Attack Comes in action.
  • Identity Real damage can be caused by Real bad Guys.

It is difficult to tell you exactly these are multiple factors on which it depends

  • Size of Organisation
  • Number of Physical Locations
  • Number of Employees and staff
  • Infrastructure type and size On an Acreage, Most Red Team Engagement takes Around 1-2 months. This is In-access as per above mention factors.

mobile application penetration testing service in singapore

How Much Will Red Team Testing Cost?

Let Us Scope your testing Infrastructure. Contact US Cost factors Depend on these :

  • Efforts
  • Number of Days
  • Location (Number of Location)
  • Organization Size
  • Time frame

Want to have this PT Testing for Your Organisation

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  • We are glad to have you around.

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