Server hardening is a set of disciplines and techniques which improve the security of an ‘off the shelf’ server.  Server Hardening is requirement of security frameworks such as PCI-DSS and is typically included when organisations adopt ISO27001.

What is server hardening ?

The aim of server hardening is to reduce the attack surface of the server.  The attack surface is all the different points where an attacker can to attempt to access or damage the server.

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It is rarely a good idea to try to invent something new when attempting to solve a security or cryptography problem.

How separating server roles improves security

The goal of sever hardening is to remove all unnecessary components and access to the server in order to maximise its security.

How vulnerability scans can help server hardening

Vulnerability Scans will identify missing patches and misconfigurations which leave your server vulnerable.

Accounts and logins

Components and subsystems

Networks and firewalls

Updates and vulnerabilities

Clocks and Timestamps

Remote access security







Logging and SIEM


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