Client-Side Vs. Server-Side Testing: Which Should I Use?

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Client-side testing is the more traditional, common, frequent type of testing that optimization experts use. It’s tried and true and easy to implement but extremely cookie reliant—a fact that now requires caution.

What’s the difference between client-side testing and server-side testing?

What is client side Testing?

Client-side testing means that the experimentation (the change to content) happens at the browser level. An optimizer sets up targeting rules and a visitor’s browser modifies the existing (default) page into the intended variation.


What is server-side Testing?

Server-side testing means that the experimentation (the change to content) happens on the company’s web server. The server determines the version a visitor sees during the page load process, as opposed to after.

Three recommendations for choosing client-side vs. server-side testing

You should consider having a good mix.

Caveat your analysis in client-side tests.

You should consider doing more same-session experimentation/optimization w/ client-side tests.

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