What are the security issues in Blockchain?

Centralized blockchain systems face other problems, including susceptibility to rug pulls, which are manipulative maneuvers to publicize projects to draw investors. These issues happen in the crypto-verse due to a lack of regulatory oversight, which has caused issues such as tax evasion and money laundering.

Blockchain Security is the management system for a blockchain networks using best practices to reduce the Cyber attacks frauds.


Blockchain services Secure your system from cyber attacks and frauds. It helps to reduce the risks of theft and fraud in your DApps.


Benefits of Blockchain Technology:



Tighter security

We can nicely say that the Blockchain’s intrinsically decentralized behavior builds it the perfect technology for cybersecurity. 

How is blockchain used in cybersecurity?

What are different types of blockchain?

There are 3 types of blockchain categories are there which are mentioned below:

● Public Blockchain

● Permissioned or Private Blockchain

● Federated or Consortium Blockchain

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