Server-side Security 

Server-Side Security Tips to Keep Your Website Safe

1. Harden Your wp-config.php File to Protect Database Information

2. Disable XML-RPC to Prevent DoS Attack

3. Hide Your WordPress Version to Keep Vulnerabilities Unexposed

What is server-side and client-side testing?

Client-side testing and experimentation are restricted to a single channel. 

Server-side testing and experimentation can be run on multiple channels at the same time.

What is Server Side Testing Tools?

A server-side testing tool is used instead of a client-side one in cases when tests are run on complex or dynamic elements that are beyond the scope of UI or when the modifications to be made are beyond the scope of a basic visual or code editor.

Three recommendations for choosing client-side vs. server-side testing

You should consider having a good mix.

Caveat your analysis in client-side tests.

You should consider doing more same-session experimentation/optimization w/ client-side tests.


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