External Infrastructure Testing Service in Singapore

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What We Can Do For You?

At Craw Security, our team of experts can provide your business with a penetration testing service which discovers and highlights weaknesses within your organisation’s external infrastructure.  

What Is Network Penetration Testing?

– Identify unpatched system

– Identify insecure systems and service

– To attempt to breach your system

– Attempt to “steal” client data

– Gain unauthorised access to your system

As part of our penetration testing service, our experts essentially replicate what real-life hackers do, but in a legal framework. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Network Penetration Test?

What Will We Find In A Network Penetration Test?

– Software which requires patch updates to improve security

– More optimal operating system configuration suggestion

– Poor or missing encryption of data in transit.

How Do I Book A Network Penetration Test?

Booking one of our penetration testing services with us couldn’t be simpler. There are no phone calls or emails needed, all it takes is for you to answer two quick questions and we’ll get you onto our industry-leading online platform. 

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