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Many modern applications run over the web and website owners should make sure these specific sites are set up correctly to avoid larger security risks. Here is what you should know about testing your website for security bugs.

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Web application security testing is one of the most important areas of application testing. This is because web applications are where many attacks originate and they can be very costly to an organization.

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What is Web Application Security Testing?



When you hire a web application security testing company, they will typically test a small number of web applications on your behalf.

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Vulnerability testing is the process of trying to find flaws in software or website to exploit them to do some damage.

What is vulnerability testing?

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What is OWASP?

How You Can Secure Your Data?

Craw Security is one of the best cyber security firms. We provide the best cyber security to many big enterprises in countries like the USA. We offer a variety of Application Security Testing Solutions that allow us to attack your Applications and Servers giving an insight into how attackers would penetrate the systems and be a potential threat.

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