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ISO 27001 Consulting Service

ISO 27001 Consulting Service enables us to take up the ownership of the lead auditor. ISO 27001 needs collaboration among all departments of the company. It provides a list of controls that should be taken into consideration along with the code of practice ISO / IEC 27002:2005. The second standard narrates detailed information security control motives and a set of acceptable security controls.

It is the best method to improve data privacy by removing the shortcomings of a security breaches. The international standard for information security can be sustained only when the systems or devices or networks are regularly monitored and audited.

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  • Identify Threats
  • Analyze Threats
  • Threat resolving options, Evaluate Threats
  • Developing a threat management framework

Main Sections of ISO 27001

  • Analysis of Risk
  • Security Policy
  • Managing assets
  • Access Control
  • Human resources Security
  • Information Systems Acquisition
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Compliance
  • Organization of Information Security
  • Operations & communications management
  • Physical and Environmental Security
  • Information security Incident management

Benefits of ISO 27001 Consulting Service

  • Hone your competitive skills and win new business
  • Refrain from financial losses associated with data breaches
  • Build and safeguard your goodwill in the market
  • Refine your structure and focus
  • Follow up with business, legal, contractual and regulatory essentials


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ISO 27001 is the standard for execution of Information Security Management System (ISMS) whereas ISO 27002 simply provides guidance and suggestion on execution

It is the best method to improve data privacy by removing the shortcomings of a security breaches.

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The goal of ISO 27001 is to provide a quality standard as to how a modern organization should manage its data. Risk management is a key feature of ISO 27001, ensuring that an organization or non-profit understands where its strengths and weaknesses lie

The ISO 27001 standard involves legal requirements that ensure companies keep information secure. Moreover, the Libro platform indicates that your company is certified and covered whenever amendments are made to this standard.

This certification facilitates to strengthen overall cyber security within the company. The ISO 27001 standard is in place to help companies manage their information security processes and safeguard their data

  • Information security policy and objectives
  • Risk handling method
  • Risk handling plan
  • Risk analysis report
  • Records of skills, training, and experience

It is applicable to any company that needs to enhance its business processes around securing their data

  • Asking for certification from Vendor
  • Imperative information on the certificate
  • Significance and Usage
  • Accredited certification body

It is a type of assurance of transparency and accountability. A client would like to avail services from only those service providers who abide by certain quality standards and parameters

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