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External Infrastructure Testing Service in Delhi

External Infrastructure Testing Service: It includes analyzing your external structure for security loopholes or shortcomings. Now the thing is that these devices have exposure to the internet and suspicious attackers from all over the world target the systems. This includes firewalls, routers, demilitarized zone (DMZ) , devices with an internet routable public IP address.

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External Infrastructure Testing Service

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External Infrastructure Testing Service in Delhi

  • Domain Experts: Our specialized testers analyze corporate networks of all sizes. Craw Security uses the tools approved by industry and custom-built ‘in-house’ tools to analyze your internal structure to ensure that you have a complete visualization of your environment.
  • Peace of Mind:  You will receive a value for money service, free from any disturbance so that you can only concentrate on running your business smoothly.
  • Assurance: Through technical reports, you can expect to get an assurance of the security position of your structure. In addition, it will facilitate informed decisions.
  • On-Site Consultation:  Ideally our external structure testing is conducted remotely enabling us to test in the same manner as a real-world attackers would do from any place over the internet.

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A network penetration test is a type of security assessment performed by an ethical hacking company designed to identify cyber security vulnerabilities that could be used to compromise on-premises and cloud environments. Network pen testing can include the assessment of perimeter security controls as well as devices such as routers and switches.

In many scenarios, internal penetration tests can be performed remotely via a VPN connection, but it’s generally recommended that an internal pen test is performed on-premises. If your organization’s network is segmented, you may need help to decide upon the best physical location for internal pen testing to be conducted.

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