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Server Hardening in Delhi basically means turning a soft or fragile surface into a stronger one and making it more impenetrable to damage. Servers these days are consistently under attack. Hence, the best protection against such attacks is Server Hardening which is a well-developed procedure within your company, or outsourcing of such activity to a specialized and well-known Server Hardening agency.


Craw Cyber Security is a leading Server Hardening Security company that is well-known for its out of box thinking and technical expertise as our Specialized Cyber Security team has bagged certifications in CEH, CREST, OSCP, CISM, CISA, CISSP, ISO 27001.

Our team is the Best VAPT service provider in Delhi. The company’s valuable viewpoints, suggestions, and ideas are the benchmark for the industry. We also provide the Best VAPT services for startups in India, Singapore, Canada, UK, the USA, Dubai.

We are living in an era where nearly every computing resource is susceptible to online attacks. Hence, Server Hardening is a must and should be carried out on your servers.


  • Configure anti-virus software and daily update it
  • Enable anti-spyware software and daily update it
  • Servers’ Operating Systems should be kept updated
  • Ensure strong passwords and regularly update them
  • Get rid of or update Third-Party Software
  • Installing Firewall & Anti-Virus.
  • Deploying latest Configuration Hardening
  • Examining any suspicious movement on your server
  • Keep server logs, mirror logs to a separate log server
  • Make sure that direct root logins are disabled
  • Install Rootkit Hunter for server Hardening
  • Data Encryption should be utilized for communications

Server Hardening Testing Tools

  • Bastille
  • Lynis
  • Microsoft Attack Surface Analyzer
  • Microsoft SDL Threat Modelling Tool
  • Penetration testing tools
  • IronWASP

Benefits of Server Hardening

  • Enhance Security
  • Prevents unauthorized access
  • Removes threats and vulnerabilities
  • Safeguarding data
craw security

It is a method which enhances the security of an ‘off the shelf’ server.

  • User Workstations
  • Domain Resources
  • User Accounts
  • Database Servers
  • Mail Servers
  • Networking devices
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