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About Us

Craw Security

We offer a variety of Application Security Testing Solutions that allow us to attack your Applications and Servers giving an insight into how attackers would penetrate the systems and be a potential threat. Moreover, would also suggest possible solutions and practical suggestions regarding your individual commercial, organizational and operational requirements. Cyber-security testing reports we create for our clients are significant and have expert human input to offer you the best possible commercial and operational value to make you more secure.


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Our Services

Vulnerability analysis and Penetration testing (VAPT) offer variety of services to execute security audit and provide guidance for security disruption, system security for risk assessment, forensics and Penetration testing services in India, Singapore, UK, USA, Dubai

VAPT Services

Our team checks the shortcoming of your system and offers our best services of locating any shortcoming by scanning your network.

Cyber Crime Consulting

We provide Cyber crime assistance and help our clients by providing them with solutions to crimes like Fraud

Homeland Security Operation

Our Security operation team is the Best VAPT Company in Delhi which is into protecting the companies’ from any threats and malpractices

VAPT Program

Craw Security provides VAPT training program to become Penetration Tester in Mobile VAPT, OWASP Top 10 VAPT, Cloud VAPT, Web Application VAPT and Network VAPT


Crawsecurity is India’s leading organization in the field of Information Security

Learn more today about how Crawsecurity can be part of your Success


Helps with a more detailed application assessment than any single test alone.

VAPT method gives the company a more comprehensive picture of the threats faced by its applications. Protects the systems and data from malicious attacks.

Our Specialized experts highlights shortcomings which can be found in applications from third-party vendors and software made internally. However, can be fixed, once found.

Our VAPT provider assist IT security teams to pay attention on mitigating critical shortcomings while the VAPT provider continues to detect and categorize shortcoming

Best VAPT companies in India are imperative for companies trying to achieve compliance with standards like GDPR,ISO 27001/2 and PCI DSS

why choose Craw Security

Our Cyber security professionals are a team of passionate & highly experienced cyber warriors who have been globally recognized on various platforms like Bug Bounty, Facebook, Google, Hacker one, Bugcrowd, Synack. Our Specialized Cyber Security team has bagged certifications in CEH, CREST,OSCP, CISM,CISA, CISSP, ISO 27001 so that we can deliver,what we promise.

Customized Solutions

We understand that each business is different & has its own needs. Therefore, we are providing Customized Solutions as per your requirements to enhance your business

Proven Expertise

Our team is specialized in various security domains.They are highly skilled and experienced professionals who enable us to acknowledge our client needs better & offer them detailed solutions

VAPT Training Program

We are very receptive during the execution process in order to accommodate our clients’ needs arising on account of business requirements.

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